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Adelaide Fringe 2016



Combining installation, live video, multi-media theatre & interactions with the audience, Cinematic Theatre's “The Feas” is to reflect on the meaning of eating. According to a Chinese saying, "Food is the paramount concern of the people." Some say eating is part of life's enjoyment, and delicious food is just irresistible. But, when food enjoyment versus starving, food safety versus convenient food, wholesome food versus non-nutritious food, under the issue of globalization does we know what nutritious value of the food we're eating?


"The Feast" is a multimedia performance focusing on animal rights and human rights. With animal rights as a metaphor, the performance shows how the lower class people are exploited under capitalism. This is a show about the disparity of wealth, the poor, food safety issues and how humans and animals peacefully coexistence. At the same time, the show brought out the Chinese people's food culture, promised to be a performance full of thoughtful cultural exchanges.


“The Feast” is the second episode of a series entitled "People's Living", the first episode “My Luxurious 50 sqft Life” was critically acclaimed in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 and was one of the 4 finalists of Fringe Sustainable Practice Award 2014.

Production team

Director/concept: Ching-man Lo

Text: Ching-man Lo, Kin Chiu/Owen Kwok/Ka-wai Yau/

          Hiu-shan Yuen/Brooke Mak

Cast: Grad Leung/Wai-fong Suen/Alan Wong/

          Fee Chan/Stephen Leung

Set Design: Keith Cheung/Wiki Lo

Lighting Design: Jose Ho/Psyche Chui

Video Design: Gary Chan/Ching-man Lo

Sound Design: San-hong Wan

Costume Design: Chor-yan Pang

Stage Manager: Tat-ming Leung

Producer: Eliter Mok

Assistant producer: Wai Chu

Date and Time

3th & 4th March 2016

Thursday & Friday

7:30 PM to 8:30 PM


5th & 6th March 2016

Saturday & Sunday 

5:30 PM to 6:30 PM,

8:00 PM to 9:00 PM



J150 Rehearsal Room
57a Queen St Norwood 5067 SA


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