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"My luxurious 50 sqft life" 

“The People’ Life” Series #1 --
My Luxurious 50 sqft Life
A Multi-media Performance
installation × theatre × projection × text × interview × exhibition

A multimedia performance featuring the housing problem of Hong Kong. Explore how life in 50 square feet sub-divided units influences people’s interpersonal relationships and family communications. Through installations, live video projections, exhibitions, physical performance, audio effects, and interaction with the  audience, we investigate the issues of inhuman living conditions and the reasons behind the emergence of sub-divided units.  Cinematic Theatre have been doing

overseas cultural exchange performances since 2003.  The company has visited Philippines, Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan, Macau and Shenzhen. Promises to be packed with cultural exchanges and new experiences.


World premiere in Hong Kong –

Date:  25-27 April 2014

Venue:  Kwai Tsing Black Box Theatre, Hong Kong


Edinburgh Festival Fringe tour


Aug 9, Aug 10, 18:00 (1 h 0 m)  £10.00 (£8.00)

Aug 11, 16:00 (1 h 0 m)  £10.00 (£8.00)

Aug 11, 20:30 (1 h 0 m)  £10.00 (£8.00)



St John's Church, Hall

Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ

just Festival (Venue 127)


producer:Cathy Leung

concept / director:Ching-man Lo

installation:Ricky Yeung

set design:Wiki Lo, Keith Cheung 

lighting design:Psyche Chui *, Jose Ho

media design:Ching-man Lo, Gary Chan

sound design:Kei-yan Lo@ Freelancer Production, Wan San Hong

text:Brooke Mak, Camelia Yuen, Kin Chiu, Ching-man Lo

stage manager:Lam Hing Lun, Sammy Dan (Hong Kong premiere only)

deputy stage manager:Pollux Sin


cast:Grad Leung, Fa Yip (Hong Kong premiere only), Hugo Lee, Fee Chan, Kitty Lo, Wai-kong Leung, Stephen Leung, Ka-yu Leung (Hong Kong premiere only)

guest appearance (Hong Kong premiere only):Wai-fong Suen, Alen Wong, Nesta Mok


No audience seating is available; Comfortable clothing is recommended. 







"My luxurious 50 sqft life" 

Edinburgh tour trailer

"My luxurious 50 sqft life" 

Edinburgh tour highlights

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