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Festival Off d'Avignon
A Multi-media Performance
political theatre × projection × comedy × TV confession 
Pixel Theatre

5 to 28 July 2019,  21:30

(excluding Tuesday)



Pixel Avignon Bayaf Hall 

10 rue de Carreterie 84000 Avignon

Ticket Price:

Adult: 16 € / Subscriber: 11 € /

Child (10-14) & Concessionary: 8 €




Based on the semi-autobiography of playwright, director, performer Ching-man, the play transformed a personal story into a dramatic narrative.  The family history of Ching-man’s father, reflected the political & economic changes of Hong Kong before and after 1997. And the recent Extradition Bill intensified the China-Hong Kong tension, as well as the worries about the future of Hong Kong. Young playwright Owen co-wrote the televised confession episodes, presented in a black humorous way.

After joining the protest against the Extradition Bill, Mrs.Chan finds that her husband disappeared.  At the same time, she received a strange phone call asking her to go to a to specific spot if she wants to meet her husband…  Facing the punishment, the repentance.  Mrs.Chan is tackling a battlefield for making her confession and sign the repentance.

Through live video projection and voice-overs with theatrical lighting and sound effects, “Repentance” promised to be full of dark humour, tension and affection!

The show will be performed in Cantonese and some French with French & English subtitles.   


Production Team:

Director: Carmen LO Ching-man

Playwright: Carmen LO Ching-man, Owen KWOK Ka-hei

Actor: Carmen LO Ching-man (cast A), Sheena CHEUNG Kwan-yu (cast B), David Bensimhon

Voice Over artist: Winwei TSAI  

Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager: LEUNG Tat-ming

Image designer & performance video operator: Gary CHAN Ka-Ho

Set Designer: Keith CHEUNG Lik-hang

Lighting Designer: Psyche TSUI Yuen-fan, Jose HO Sai-hang

Sound Designer: WAN San-hong

Costume Designer: Edmond KOK Wai-ho

Producer and subtitle operator: Eliter MOK Mei-sheung

Project co-ordinator & French subtitles translator: David Bensimhon



*Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council


**The project is supported by the

Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau,

the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.




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